Often in the Bible the church is referred to as “The Bride of Christ”. Jesus used the Ancient Jewish wedding as a topic for many of His parables. Having a basic understanding of the ancient Jewish wedding festival will shed new light on many verses in the bible.

The Bride Of Christ

A Wearable payment device that acts just like a debit card and links directly to your bank account. This is just one step closer to what I believe will be the payment system spoken of in the bible. This is when every citizen on the planet will be forced to […]

Australian bank trials first ever wearable payment device

When the Jews first entered the promised land over 3500 years ago it was a land flowing with milk and honey. All the time they were living there, the land would flourish and bloom. Until 2000 years ago when they rejected their Messiah and God caused their dispersion, scattering them across the world. For […]

The Desert Will Bloom and Blossom

I don’t have to tell you that the global economy is in a world of hurt.  The news cycles are full of stories of the woes of Wall Street, the devaluation of the Chinese Yuan, and the fears of further oil glut in the Middle East.  They are all intertwined […]

The World Economy & The End Times

Wow!! This really got me choked up! This really is true Christianity in action! This is God’s love shining through these true born again believers. This is the love and forgiveness that God has shown to us through His son Jesus Christ.

Gods Love and Forgiveness shines through.

As Christians we have a hope unlike anything else.  Although there’s a lot of crazy things happening around the world, we can stand confident in our God knowing that our future is bright, and that we have the assurance of eternal life in Christ. We can know with absolute confidence that God will keep […]

Our Blessed Hope